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Bench fee: $80

  • Power tube testing

  • Scope diagnostics 

  • Cleaning of pots, sockets and jacks

  • Bias and tube replacement (parts not included)

  • replacement of basic small components if found damaged during diagnostics

  • Re-tensioning of tube sockets

  • Voltage chart if requested


Current Available Mods:

  • Depth pots

  • NFB pot

  • Tone stack bypass

  • Pentode/Triode switch

  • External Bias points and pot

  • Added choke

  • Transformer upgrades

  • Capacitor upgrades

  • 5150 or 6505 preamp pcb component upgrade

  • "Jose mod"

  • Boogie parallel loop to series

  • Speaker swap

  • Origin 50

  • Buffered FX loop

Mods are offered on a case to case situation. Please reach out to discuss the project. 

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