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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take Nocturnal to build my Amulet?

-Times will vary depending upon work load. Nocturnal is a single person business. As of Winter 2024, Amulet orders are two months out. I try to complete all orders within a one month time frame when applicable. Once an order is placed, I will give you an up to date timeframe.

How do I purchase an Amulet?

-On the products page, you may pay the non refundable 50% deposit - this will cue your order. The remaining balance is due upon the amps completion.

Do you offer Artist Endorsements/Discounts?

-Yes! Nocturnal is always looking for new bands/artists to work with.

Please email us at

Include a press kit, label information, upcoming tour dates, and management information if you're interested in working with Nocturnal. 


Who makes your head shells?

-Number 1-20 were made and wrapped by Countdown Carpentry in South Hadley, MA. Number 20 plus for raw shells are made by Dan Flowers in Three Rivers, MA. As of late 2023, I now tolex and preform all finish work at my Easthampton shop location.

Who manufactures your chassis?

-I use custom made laser cut 16ga steel chassis manufactured in South Hadley, MA.

Will you still mod my amps?

-Yes, Nocturnal is still taking in modern and vintage tube amp repairs. Please reference our "Repairs" page for more information.

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