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My name is Dan Flaherty and I've been building and servicing tube amplifiers since 2005.

   I have always been a guitar player. I've been lucky enough to tour many countries and play music around the world professionally. Coming from being a musician first, then a tech and builder, really helps with the understanding of what works on the road and how amps need to perform on a nightly basis. 


    The beauty of being an amp tech, is getting to fix broken amps. This allows me the honor of knowing what components and techniques to never allow in a Nocturnal Amplifier. On the flip side, I own and see many perfectly designed high-end amplifiers that inspire me to push even harder and make Nocturnal the most bullet proof amps around.  

    On a more personal note, I live in Western MA. with my wife, two daughters, and three cats. During my off time I love hanging with my family, traveling, reading, or playing D&D. I live off seltzer and espresso. 

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